For Organisers

Registration Systems

Our bespoke online registration pages provide advanced functions. They:

  • Ensure that each registration is complete
  • Make it easy to correct details if they’ve been mistyped
  • Make it easy to register colleagues
  • Work with our SmartForm system that pre-fills fields
  • Send e-tickets
  • Confirm the registration both online and in a separate email
  • Include a web page where exhibitors can register their stand staff
  • Relay “interesting” registrations to you immediately (e.g. those indicating they’re interested in exhibiting)
  • Provide you with a web page through which you can monitor progress, download selections to Excel or make updates yourself.


People are registering for your event – but are there enough?

Can you rest easy – or do you need another campaign?

PreView gives you all this information and more.

You can follow registration progress in real time on the web. The data is shown as a graph with the previous year superimposed, by comparing the two we can even estimate what your actual attendance will be.

As well as reviewing progress, you can use PreView to look at the registrations themselves – selecting by name, by conference session booked, by demographic and so on. You can also download directly into Excel for your own use.

Organiser’s Page

The Organiser’s page is just that, a webpage for your own use where you can add and amend your visitor registrations. Hugely useful when you need to register your VIPs, speakers and even your own organiser staff without having to bother them to do it for themselves. It also allows you to make amendments as and when required to existing registrants.

Organisation and Planning

Have you done everything you need to for registrations? Have we?

We will provide you with a project plan showing key milestones in your project – and then we work to it. Our systems will even email you a reminder automatically when there are things we need from you.

Vetting and approving registrations

If you don’t want just anybody to be able to register for your event, we can set up an approval system for you.

You can consider each application yourself; but if you can set any rules for admission our systems can save you rafts of time by automatically accepting those who meet your criteria.

Online registration during the event

In today’s 24/7 world visitors expect to be able to register right up to the show. We routinely keep online registration open throughout the event, even where we have no internet connection on-site.

Visitors can register in the normal way using their smartphone and immediately present the barcoded response they receive and their badge will be printed for them! Simple!

Full colour printed badges

QRS prints all badges in colour.  This doesn’t just mean that our badges are the prettiest in the business – it solves practical problems too with great simplicity.  Using colour we can.

  • colour code visitor types: Visitors, Delegates, Exhibitors, Press and so on
  • avoid the need for pre-printed stationery altogether (and the inevitable wastage of overs)
  • print badges with different designs for co-located shows from the same terminals – no need for the visitors to go where the stationery is
  • colour code badges by day of attendance – no need to scan visitors going in and out
  • print more than just a badge: car park tokens, meal vouchers, seminar itineraries and so on.

With high speed inkjet printers located beside each registration terminal, we are able to produce colour badges very quickly.

At the Show

Online registration during the event

One of the benefits of using QRS is that we can keep online registration open during the event, without the proviso of an internet connection. Visitors can still register in the normal way and receive their e-ticket for free entry. They can even register from outside the venue using their smartphone, presenting the barcode they receive on their smartphone and their badge will be printed for them. Simple!

Front of House Management

QRS bring you peace of mind at your event by looking after your Front of House for you. First impressions count and our staff are helpful and courteous to everyone who comes through your doors. Even though we are actually requiring registration information from visitors we never forget to make them feel welcomed into a special event.