How do I know how exhibition registration is progressing?

PreView is a page especially for you. It shows how your pre-registrations are progressing as a graph, and predicts your show’s final attendance in comparison with previous years – warning you if further marketing action may be required. It also allows you to query the database to look up individual registrations or to do selections and counts and make changes directly.

Can I have hands on access to my database?

You can manage your database easily with your own Organiser webpage.  This page allows you to add and amend registrations on your database. For instance you can add your VIP’s, even alter the status of someone who has already registered to suit your requirements.

Can my badges be personalised in colour?

We can print badges in full colour both for mailing and on-site. You can use colour to distinguish visitor types or to avoid using expensive pre-printed stationery.

Can I print a photo-ID on the badge?

Yes, and in colour too.

How can I make it easy for people to register?

Don't just wait for people to come to your registration page – email it to them using SmartForm. SmartForm pre-fills many of the fields for the visitor. In controlled trials, 50% more respond to SmartForm than to ordinary email shots.

How can I post badges cost-effectively?

Our badge-card eliminates the need for envelopes and handling, which means we can charge about 80% less than our competitors to send a badge. This isn’t about reducing quality, it’s about an intelligent, practical approach to saving you money. You can keep the money you save – or use it to mail more badges and boost your attendance. And to stop sending out badges all together, you can use e-tickets with Dorothy, our self-service badging system.

Do I have to take the whole range of services?

We can work the way you work, taking only those parts of the registration process that you want to off-load. If you use your existing systems to capture the registrations, we can still mail the badges and provide terminals on-site. Our automated systems make that simple and reliable.

Can I help my visitors meet the right exhibitors?

With our Ariadne system, visitors get a personal guide to the show, and exhibitors get qualified prospects at their stands.

Can QRS help me plan my visitor promotion?

Our end-of-show reports really help you to plan your marketing in subsequent years. For example, not only can you see how each media code performed, but also how each mailing (conventional or email) performed.

Can QRS register two shows in parallel?

We can select the show logo as we print, so visitors do not have to register at a particular terminal where the right stationery is. They can go to any entrance and still receive a badge with the correct logo in full colour. (The same approach can save costs for badges mailed in advance, too.) Better service, fewer terminals, lower costs.

How can QRS save me money?

We will always propose the most cost-effective service we can. We will not attempt to ‘up-sell’ you services that do not give you matching, tangible benefits.

Are QRS on-site systems fast?

Our systems are quick and easy to use. Fast printers produce a badge in seconds, and with a printer beside each operator remakes are exceptionally fast. It all means queues are fewer, shorter and faster moving.

Can QRS handle foreign alphabets?

Our badges use any fonts you want (both pre-registration and on-site). This includes foreign fonts and accents.

How quickly can I have my figures?

Our scrupulous on-site data validation means that little remains to be done post show, and we can get you your final report within a day or two. Use it as a tool to sell next year’s space before memories fade.

Can QRS systems be tailored to meet my requirements?

Our systems are designed to be tailored so that we can handle special or difficult requirements at low cost.

How do I know that everything is on track?

We will provide you with a project plan, which shows every step of the way - plus what we’ll do, and when we require things from you. It’s designed to make your job as hassle-free as possible.

Are there any hidden extras to QRS quotations?

Our quotations are full, detailed and inclusive of everything except postage and parking at the venue.

What experience do you have in the exhibition industry?

We’ve been in the business since 1996. We have been innovating to meet our customers’ special requirements throughout that time. We’ll understand what you want to achieve quickly, and the chances are that we can bring some fresh ideas to improve the service and save you money too.

Are QRS large enough to handle my event?

We register events with attendances from 100 to 35,000 visitors.

Can QRS handle events outside the UK?

We have registered events from San Francisco to Singapore, including most European countries.