For Conferences


QRS provide a range of services for conference organisers to ensure that their conference registration runs smoothly anywhere in the world. QRS use a payment gateway to allow multi-currency transactions, which enter your own merchant accounts. QRS system allows you to monitor the progress of your conference.


QRS can assist with the management of onsite delegate payments, flagging debtors and ensuring your delegate management runs smoothly. Additionally QRS's ability to print in colour means that its easier for QRS to differentiate between delegate types and streams.

Online Anywhere (OLA) and Photo Badging

OLA is the ideal solution for your smaller conferences and events.

Our web based system gives you the tools to easily manage your pre-event registration.

The international address finder makes capturing your guest’s data quick and easy.

During your event you can use OLA and your own equipment to record your guest’s attendance and produce their professional, full colour badge.

If security at your event is of paramount importance, with the addition of a webcam OLA can also produce photo ID badges.

In addition to this, when OLA is used in conjunction with the QRS Data Capture App, you can easily and accurately identify attendees in your individual workshops and sessions.